Earn extra money today by joining our affiliation program!
Get business owners to host their website with us and recieve R300 for successful customers!

Affiliate duties

You will be required to hunt down businesses without a website and let them know about us. We provide domain registeration(, website hosting and maintenance.

One of the best perks of registering with us is that customers will get a FREE WEB DESIGN WORTH OVER R500!

Customers will be required to pay R200 for their domain registeration which renews anually. In other words, they pay this amount once a year. They will then be required to pay R200 every month as part of hosting fees and maintenance. Basically the customer will be paying:

  1. R200 - Domain registerations (renewed annually)
  2. R200 - Web hosting and maintenance (monthly subscription)

What's in it for the customer?

Having a website will boost the appearance of the business greatly. Instead of advertising on facebook and other social media, businesses will have their own platform with only their products. People will view it as a legit business and will trust them more. people will be able to find their contact details and location on the website. The public will also be able to find their catalogue, specials, products, prices and much more information on their website. Businesses will also have their custom email so instead of using typical, you can use To break it down, the perks of having a website are:

Our website designs are not template based, they are coded from scratch to finish so businesses can be assured that they will have a unique website and this will be done for free. Apart from that, our package includes:

  1. Web hosting and maintenance
  2. Free web design
  3. Home, catalogue and contact page
  4. 5 email addresses
  5. Additional features to adapt with marketting strategy

If required, we can design admin facilites such as a feature to allow business owners to change their weekly specials and similar requirements. Please keep in mind that the admin design is limited since their is no cost, but if anything more advanced is required, their will be a design fee that is priced according to requirements.

How does the affiliate get paid

You will be paid a R100 over 3 months provided that the customer is still with us for these 3 months. If the customer chooses to terminate his website after 2 months of hosting, you will only be paid for the period the customer stayed, in this case, R200.

How do I sign up for the program

Currently there are no links or codes to determine if a customer found us through your hard work, so you will be allowed to advertise under our name and let customers contact you. You may also refer a customer to us and let us know that the person came from you so that we can link you as the salesperson.


Full name

Phone Number




By continuing, you will recieve an email almost instantly confirming your registeration. For any queries, feel free to contact us.

+27 67 785 6615 OS Artifexts